To make it even easier for you to succeed, I’ve created this special bonus package that helps you fast track your Facebook marketing success.

My goal is for you to dramatically increase your online sales as quickly as possible. While “Step by Step Success with Facebook Marketing ” is the detailed map that will get you there, think of these special bonuses as icing on the cake allowing you to arrive at your destination –website sales that have replaced your show sales– in record time.


Insiders Toolkit. This toolkit contains my TOP 13 free online tools that I use every day to multiply the impact of my online marketing. These tools take your marketing to the next level while saving you thousands of dollars and hours of your precious time. Included with this bonus toolkit are tutorials, links and video walkthroughs where you'll learn exactly how and why I use each tool.


An amazing photo editing tutorial using an online photo editing tool. This bonus tutorial cuts through the clutter showing you only what you need to know for the fastest and the easiest way to create magazine worthy images and ad layouts that will have your customers eager to click through to your website and buy your work. Understanding how to use a tool like this for your Facebook marketing, is invaluable. Being able to consistently produce amazing images for your Facebook marketing efforts is a game changer and will increase your speed of success.


A cutting-edge tutorial on the use of a third party tool I use to grow and manage my Facebook Messenger subscriber list of thousands of fans. Facebook messenger is the fastest growing messaging app in the world. Facebook now allows businesses to access the Messenger app and its users via subscribers to your page. Understanding how this all works and wading through the moving parts is what this tutorial is all about. You will be blown away by the content of this bonus alone. If you know anything about email marketing, I'll just say Messenger I get 100% open rates verses email averages of 10%! That's game-changing!


Another bonus tutorial on the use of a free email management and automation platform. You need to have an easy to use email management system. I show you how to get set up in minutes and manage and grow your email list like a pro. Your email list is one of your greatest assets as your online business grows. This is where you have direct one-on-one access to your repeat customers. A gold mine!


Website creation resource package – If you don’t have a modern, mobile-friendly website... you need one. But don’t worry! It's super easy to be up and running with an awesome website. I’ve done the research and provide you with the resources that contain step by step tutorials on how to build your own e-commerce website with what I consider the best website building platform available.


Monthly updates containing cutting-edge strategies for your Facebook Marketing. Facebook is an ever evolving marketing platform, I am constantly testing new strategies and updating the course with the ones that achieve the greatest success. With social media marketing you need to stay on the cutting living course will keep you there. These updates are inserted into the course and are available to you at once (you will receive email notifications).


A live monthly, group coaching call where I help you see new (profit producing) opportunities and answer any of your questions. In addition to these live coaching calls you will be given a personal access email address so that I can answer your questions as they come up. This direct access to your instructor is unheard of in the online course world, I allow this access because I truly want to see you succeed. (This bonus is included with the premium package, when you invest at the one time payment option level.)


You will receive - Exclusive Lifetime Membership in our Online Private Student Mastermind Group. Over 700 of your fellow Artists and specialty Small Business Owners are thriving in this community of like-minded individuals. Not only am I in this group daily guiding students but so are fellow members, who've also struggled and overcome things that other members might be going through at that very moment. It's a rare opportunity for networking and getting one-on-one help at the highest level with the exact people who can deliver fast and proven strategies. Furthermore, this Mastermind is a tremendous resource for avoiding mistakes…mistakes in website design, mistakes in choice of suppliers, mistakes in underpricing, and on and on it goes. The collective wisdom of veteran artists and specialty small business owners is PRICELESS!

This extra special bonus package is only available for a limited time - so be sure to sign up before the offer ends!